Stellar Chariot

By Arun Neelakandan

A Biased Review of Energy Drinks

V Berry Energy Drink. Photo credits:

I’m not an energy drink drinking kind of guy.

But seeing as it’s exam period now and there’s a lot of assiduous studying (haha, ‘_ass_iduous’) going on (cough cough), I thought I’d test out some energy drinks to boost mental performance (and hopefully, retention.) After slamming down 4 cans over 4 days, it just hasn’t done much for me.

I was really hoping for a transformation from this:

Dull Cat Face. Photo credits:

to this:


Maybe I have a high-tolerance for caffeine. Or it could be because I’m not drinking enough or drinking the right varieties. The pessimist in me (I call him ‘Chuckles’) says that it could all be a big gimmick and the drinks are just placebos. But research suggests otherwise (but mainly because of caffeine; I don’t think it’s known whether the other additives like taurine etc does much.)

So far, I’ve tried V) and some random brand called Flying Power from Aldi (which by the way is making great inroads against the two big giants of the Aussie supermarket game, but I’ll save this discussion for another time.)

Do you have any thoughts or recommendations?