Stellar Chariot

By Arun Neelakandan

The Great Con: Bottled Water

You’re being conned. Willingly. That is, you choose to drink bottled water. Furthermore, you’re choosing to pay a ridiculous amount for something that you can get for next- to-nothing off the tap.

So why do it? (Maybe you enjoy seeing the water-bottlers laughing they’re way to the bank?) Some say that it tastes better. Or complain that tap water contains added chemicals (a non-argument, since some of&nbsp_place_holder;the chemicals added are beneficial&nbsp_place_holder;and the rest are required or useful in some way.) Bottom-line: the chemicals in tap water are harmless. Just because you’re paying for it doesn’t mean it’s better. And it definitely doesn’t mean you’re better.

Don’t buy into the bullshit. Harden up – no, wisen up – and drink tap water! Only buy bottled water if you have no other choice (or if you don’t trust that dodgy looking water bubbler/drinking fountain.)

P.S. This is written with people of developed countries in mind. I understand that in some cases that it might be better to drink bottled water. For example, if you’re abroad in India or Africa, then authentic bottled water might be the wiser choice.