Stellar Chariot

By Arun Neelakandan

Abortion: For or Against?

A 10 week old foetus.
A 10 week old foetus.

Let be begin by saying that I don’t have a definitive answer to the deeply- dividing abortion debate.

The source of the problem is determining when life begins. Unless there’s an universal agreement about when life begins, this debate will continue to rage on.

Unfortunately there’s no agreement in medicine, philosophy or theology as to what stage of foetal development should be associated with the right to life.

URI: BBC Ethics Guide: When is the foetus ‘alive’?

One interesting pro-life option I came across in my research into this topic is adoption (see 10 Arguments For Abortion and 10 Arguments Against Abortion). That is, have the child and the place it up for adoption. Sounds like a fairly good compromise to the abortion issue — discounting of course the sentimental ties and the maternal bond that is formed by having the child in the first place. And then there’s the fact that the child is subject to the risk of growing up without a parent. Because of this, it’s definitely not a total solution to the issue, but is a possible solution for a few select cases.

Ultimately, my stance is that of prevention. If at all possible, be aware of this difficult issue and plan ahead so that you don’t end up having to make this decision. But, if you have no choice but to make a decision (for whatever reason), understand that this is a difficult choice to make — possibly the most difficult one you’ll ever have to make — and either decision has deep and permeating consequences. I wish you well on your journey and hope that your decision causes as little pain and stress as possible.

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