Stellar Chariot

By Arun Neelakandan

The Best Places to Discover Music Online

Well, maybe not the ‘best’, but some places I’ve found to be good sources for unearthing sweet tracks:

  • stereomood: Listen to music categorised by mood.
  • Grooveshark: Find and listen to various tracks. Has a recommendation engine based on your taste.
  • Pandora: Listen to music and also has a recommendation engine based on your preferences.
  • 22tracks: High quality and oft updated playlists in various genres.
  • SoundCloud: Kind of like YouTube, but for sounds. Strong community and great UI.
  • Record and share what you listen to. Also has a recommendation engine.
  • bandcamp: A marketplace that allows artists to distribute content more directly.
  • Jamendo: Another marketplace. Lots of great music downloadable for free.
  • Beatport: A slick marketplace targetting DJs. Hat tip to Michael McGarrity
  • YouTube: Of course! Great place to sample and discover music. The ‘Related Videos’ section is the main driver, but also check playlists others have made.
  • Reddit /r/music: Reddit’s main music subreddit and related subreddits have boggling amount of variety. Superb place.
  • Podcasts: e.g. Triple J and A State of Trance (curated by Armin van Buuren)
  • Music Stores: This goes without saying. Like the iTunes Store and Amazon MP3
  • Mixtapes: I use the term loosely here. Examples: Mixologie, DatPiff

Some other places that I haven’t really used but worth looking into: