Arun Neelakandan - Work History

Senior IT Systems Officer - Web Technology

Macquarie University

May 2011 - Present

17.5 hours per week until Feb 2012. 35 hours per week from Feb 2012.

Website Developer and Maintainer (Volunteer Position)


December 2010 - Present

As needed/on-call

Lab Support Officer (LSO)

Macquarie University

2009 - 2012

Casual, few hours per week. Maintaining computer labs in the Department of Computing.

Junior IT Support Assistant

Macquarie University

May 2009 - May 2011

Casual, approximately 35 hours per week. Mostly web development related work.

Web Designer

Anglo-Australian Observatory

August 2008 - November 2008

Casual, part-time

Tutor/Practical Demonstrator

Macquarie University

Various (see table below for details)

A few hours per week

Year Session/Semester Unit Role
2015 S2 COMP344 (eCommerce Technologies) Practical Demonstrator
2015 S1 COMP249 (Web Technology) Tutor
2014 S2 COMP344 (eCommerce Technologies) Practical Demonstrator
2014 S1 COMP249 (Web Technology) Tutor
2011 S2 INFO111 (Computer Games) Practical Demonstrator

Freelance Web Development, Consulting and Tutoring

Various Organisations and People

2012 - Present

Varied, but often only a few hours a week at most (on average)

ABN 24 554 568 992

Some organisations I have worked for include: ARIES, Safe Mate Australia, Bombora Chicks Surfing